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Government Of Assam Revenue & Disaster Management Assam State Disaster Management Authority

Studies & Projects

  1. Flood Damage Mitigation Measures
  2. Flood Hazard Atlas
  3. River Atlas of Assam
  4. Flood Early Warning System (FLEWS)
  5. Base Line Study for Community Resilience to Disasters and Climate Change
  6. Scoping Analysis on Livelihood Generation for Recovery
  7. Study on Urban Flood Guwahati City
  8. Water Resource and Flood & Erosion Risk Mitigation Planning in Assam
  9. Report on Estimating Sediment and water yield from Hills of Guwahati City
  10. Seismic Microzonation Atlas of Guwahati Region
  11. Critical Analysis of the seismic Microzonation work of Guwahati City
  12. Reports on Multi Hazard Assessment of 20 Schools & 5 Hospitals
  13. Non Destructive Test Report for all DC Office
  14. Non Destructive Test Report for 40 Health Institutes
  15. Non-Structural Mitigartion Measures of Schools (Guwahati City)
  16. Apartment Society Sensitization Programme. Phase -I  Phase -II  
  17. Great Assam School Shake Out
  18. The National School Safety Programme
  19. GIS Mapping of Utilities and Infrastructures for Assam
  20. Literature Survey of Available Earthquake Hazard Assessment Studies related to North Eastern Region
  21. Audit of Non Structural Safety Aspects of 15 Hospitals in Assam
  22. Rapid Visual Screening for Potential Landslide areas of Guwahati
  23. Integration of Emergency Helpline Number-108
  24. Guwahati Emergency Management Exercise
  25. Disaster Risk Reduction including Climate Change Adaptation of Guwahati in context of Dynamic Growth - Columbia University & ASDMA
  26. Remote Sensing and GIS based inputs for hazard risk vulnerability assessment of Guwahati city, Silchar, Dibrugarh towns and Dhemaji District, Assam
  27. UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction- publications relating to ASDMAs best practices
  28. Report on Flood of North Lakhimpur vis-a-vis Ranganadi Hydropower Project
  29. Report of Embankment Survey and Monitoring using Unmanned Aerial vehicle(UAV)